2 Jan 2022

Public speaking is important in both business, education, and the public arena. There are many benefits to speaking in public whether you're an individual or a business. If you ask most people, they'll probably say they don't like public speech. They may even admit to being afraid of it since fear of public speaking is a very common fear. Or they may just be shy or introverted. For those reasons, many people avoid speaking in public if they can. If you're one of those people who avoid speaking in public, you're missing out.

Over the years, public speaking in communication has played a major role in education, government, and business. Words have the power to inform, persuade, educate, and even entertain. And the spoken word can be even more powerful than the written word in the hands of the right speaker.

Whether you're a small business owner, or a student, you'll benefit from improving your public speaking skills. Some benefits to speaking in public include:

  • improves confidence 
  • better research skills
  • stronger deductive skills
  • ability to advocate for causes
  • and more

Speaking in public is especially important for businesses to market their offers. This allows them to get their message in front of potential customers. Sales people and executives are often expected to have good public speaking skills. So in order to develop all the aforementioned traits in our students, Global college of Management conducted Public Speaking Competition 2078 which was a huge success.

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