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Masters of Business Studies (MBS) at Global College of Management is affiliated with Tribhuvan University and is spread over 4 semesters over 2 years. The objective of the MBS program is to enable students to work as competent managers and to meet the demand to higher lever managers in organizations particularly in the functional areas of management. MBS program is comprised of foundation courses, core courses, specialization courses and capstone course (dissertation). 

The MBS program specially aims to: 

  1. Equip the students with required conceptual knowledge of business and management.
  2. Prepare managers in the functional areas of management. 
  3.   3. Develop knowledge and skill of business environment in national and global perspectives.
  4.   4. Encourage entrepreneurial capabilities in students to make them effective change agents in the Nepalese society.
  5.  5. Develop research capability in the students.


  The applicant should have a Bachelor’s degree in management/commerce or related discipline from Tribhuvan University or any other university recognized by TU.


Teaching methodology at GCM is virtually student-centered. It is supported by much updated teaching learning techniques that encourage active classroom participation. Our multiple teaching methods are: in-depth textual analysis and

comprehensive in-class exercises on business cases drawn from national and international contexts.

Various activities such as tutorials, seminars, library research, self-study, collaborative study, presentations and discussions, study tours, and project works are the most regularly used teaching techniques at GCM. Our classes are friendly, welcoming and supportive and our tutors will make students' experience both enjoyable and stimulating.


Teaching and learning at GCM is virtually supported by and equipped with advanced digital technology.

Computer labs, library, class rooms, seminar and activity halls, faculty cubes, staff rooms, and MIS unit are all provided with an access to WIFI and Internet facilities. These facilities motivate students to be involved in spontaneous study, academic networking and undertaking project works.


MBS and senior BBS students are assigned the study topics and issues related to business and administration for study and presentation. Students are encouraged to work in teams to undertake project works, case analysis, and article reviews. Periodic seminars are organized by the College by inviting outside experts and professionals. Students are encouraged to make their presentations in these seminars using power points.


GCM encourages students to be active in knowledge creation through case development. Cases based on local and global realities are assigned to students for written analysis and class-room presentation. Concerned faculties will work as resource persons to help and guide students in their analysis and ensure their creativity and maturity in case analysis. Students develop their problem solving and critical analysis skills by analyzing different business situations.


GCM students regularly participate in social events and community welfare like social awareness building, blood donations, fund raising campaigns during natural calamities and occasional outreach programs.



GCM has established official links with many business houses in and out of Kathmandu valley so that students get an opportunity to visit these organizations and explore various business related issues and problems facing these organizations. Students also get the opportunity to learn from their best business practices. These visits, observations and study of organizations provide real-life practical exposure to students. Students also learn about the business practices and culture from such visits. In many occasions, students are taken for one day excursions as required by the courses.


Presentation is a core teaching pedagogy as used at GCM. Faculty members give students freedom to select the topics of their choice and relevance for power point presentations. Technical and logistic supports to students to prepare power points are provided by the College. These presentations often become a part of students' internal evaluation.


GCM regularly offers an opportunity to its students to take part in writing competitions.

The best write-ups of students are awarded and published in the newsletter and college magazine.

Utmost care is given to ensure the participation of each student in writing articles, book reviews, essays, etc. to be published in the college magazine. Graduate level students can contribute their research based work to be published in the College journal. The college publishes brochures, prospectus and news bulletins with the active involvement of students.


Students of BBS and MBS at GCM are regularly involved in different research works on various topics as part of their degree requirements. The major research works comprise thesis writing for MBS students and project work for BBS students. Thesis and project work are mandatory.


The BBS and MBS students at GCM are deputed to various financial institutions and other

business organizations during their study period for experiential learning. The main objective of the internship program is to provide students an opportunity to get practical and professional exposure to business practices and realities. 



  Eligible candidates should fill the Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) form  and submit to the college administration and should appear in CMAT test as scheduled by the FOM, TU. 

  The test comprises the questions related to verbal ability, quantitative ability, business and economics, logical reasoning and general awareness.

  The result for admission is published on the basis of weighted average marks of the entrance, interview and past academic performance.


The curriculum for MBS degree comprises three separate and distinct course components including core course, specialization course and dissertation. Core business course integrate all analytical and functional areas and provide the students with an appreciation of the diversity and inter-relationship of business and management issues. Specialization can be done in different functional areas like accounting, fi nance, marketing, and general management. Students need to write dissertation in the fi nal semester based on their research. The following subjects are taught throughout the MBS program;

First Semester

  1. MKT 511: Marketing Management (3 Credit)
  2. ECO 512: Managerial Economics (3 Credit)
  3. MSC 514: Statistical Methods (3 Credit)
  4. MGT 515: Organizational Behavior (3 Credit)

Second Semester

  1. FIN 510: Financial Management (3 Credit)
  2. MGT 513: Human Resources Management (3 Credit)
  3. MSC 516: Production and Operations Management (3 Credit)
  4. ACC 517: Management Accountancy (3 Credit)
  5. MGT 518: Business Environment in Nepal (3 Credit)

Third Semester

  1. ACC 519: Accounting for Financial and Managerial Decision and Control (3 Credit)
  2. MSC 521: Research Methodology (3 Credit)
  3. MGT 522: International Business (3 Credit)
  4. MGT 524: Entrepreneurship (3 Credit)
  5. FIN 688: Corporate Finance (3 Credit) 

Fourth Semester

  1. FIN 561: Capital Structure Management (3 Credit)
  2. FIN 654: Financial Institutions and Markets (3 Credit)
  3. FIN 652: Securities Analysis and Portfolio Management (3 Credit)
  4. MGT 525: Dissertation

GCM provides a platform for students' employment and their career and professional growth. BBS and MBS students are invited to appear for employment interviews with different corporate houses. Such programs are arranged twice a year: one after the final board examination of BBS and another after the final board examination of MBS. In these programs, human resource managers of different business organizations and multinational companies are invited

to assess and interview the students. If the students meet the job requirements of the company, they are invited for employment. Many of GCM students were selected and offered employment by these companies in the past. GCM’s Placement Office makes necessary contacts with reputable national and multinational companies for our students’ internship and placements. To date, GCM students have successfully secured internship placements at:

Citizens’ Bank International

􀂄 Global IME Bank

􀂄 Nepal SBI Bank

􀂄 Kumari Bank

􀂄 Nabil Bank

􀂄 Nepal Bank

􀂄 Rastriya Banijya Bank

􀂄 Civil Bank

􀂄 Standard Chartered Bank

􀂄 Mega Bank

􀂄 Prime Commercial Bank

􀂄 Nepal Life Insurance

􀂄 Shikhar Insurance

􀂄 Vishal Group

􀂄 Chaudhary Group

􀂄 Sipradi Trading

􀂄 Yeti Airlines

􀂄 Morang Auto Works

􀂄 Hama Group of Industries

􀂄 Panchakanya Group

􀂄 Batas Organization

􀂄 TBI Group

􀂄 Reliance Trade International

􀂄 Bottlers Nepal

􀂄 Universal Group

􀂄 Gorkha Brewery

􀂄 Frox Frontline Extra Career Pvt. Ltd.


Mr. Amit Kumar Maharjan

Admission Officer (MBS program)

Email: amit@globalcollege.edu.np 

Tel: +977-5970320

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