9 May 2022

Corona   virus,  also  widely   known  as  COVID-19   is  a  SARS-COV-2   virus  that  possibly   originated  from  bats   on  Wuhan  province   of  China.  With   more  than  40   million  cases  and over 1 million deaths all across the  globe,   COVID-19  is  said   to  be  the    greatest   catastrophe   human    kind has ever faced since 2nd world war.   Today,  the  virus   is  spreading  at   a  rapid  pace   and  to  make   the  situation  even   worse,  no  antidote   has     been     manufactured     yet      although  the  countries   like  USA,  China and Russia are working on it.Once  the   virus  got  induced,   it  got  spread   rapidly  all  over   the  world.  

There   are  many  reasons   for  the  rapid   spread  of  this   virus  but  two   vital causes are: 1.  Very  high   transmissibility  of  the   virus2.  Improvement  and   accessibility  of  international travel and tourism.It  was   anticipated  that  if  not  taken   any  interventions,  7   billon  people  would   be  infected  and   40  million  deaths   would  occur  but   if  there  is  60% reduction in the regular social contact, the data would be reduced to half. With  the   birth  of  COVID-19,   it  has  been   causing  a  great   impact  on  various sectors like global health, economy,     environment,     etc.      Observing   health   sector,    what’s   worse than millions of people being infected  by  a   virus  and  thousands   of   them   dying.    Consumption   of   alcohol     and    tobacco    products     has  increased  than   ever.  But  still,   one  positive  aspect   can  also  be   observed   in   this    sector   i.e.   the    world  has  now   been  aware  that   the  available  health   facilities  are  inadequate   and  to  make   it  ample,  huge effort are being put up rapidly across the globe.

 COVID-19          has          seriously          jeopardized  the   global  economy.  In order to control the transmission of   COVID-19,    the   best   possible    way is to launch lockdown throught the   countries  and  that   is  what  the   governments have been doing since months. Although corona virus has been  controlled  by   this  method  to   huge  extent  but   the  economy  has   faced  deadly  outcome   because  of  it. Domestic    and   International   flights,   railways  transport,  buseverything    is     stopped.    Entire    education,     sports,      commercial     organizations         are         closed.         Industries  are   suffering  the most. Majority of them are closed. There’s no production and without production    there’s     no    income.    Because   of  this,  employees   are  not getting paid and thousands are losing jobs. There’s sky rocketing in the unemploymentrate. Tourism has decreased at a rate of 50% to 70%. There is complete cessation in  transportation  sector.  

Poverty   rate is boosting up. Even the world’s biggest    economies     are    facing    price inflation  as   productivity  has  reduced and expenditure on health treatment  has  greatly   increased.  Organization      for       Economic      Cooperation   and    Development   (OECD)  has   claimed  that  COVID   19 is the largest threat to global economy  after   the  financial emergency of 2008/2009.Although  the  biggest   drawback  of  COVID-19   is  on  physical   health  and economy of people, one more thing has been highly affected, i.e. human psychology.  We   humans  are   social    beings.   Socialization,   Travel   etc  is  our   natural  pattern  of   behavior.  Due  to   corona  virus  and   the  lockdown,  people   are  caged  up inside their home for more than 5  months   till  date.  To  add  more   trouble,  there’s  economic   crisis  in  many   families  specifically  in  the underdeveloped   and   developing    countries.  This  has   elevated  the  level of stress and anxiety among people  globally.     

Many   people  are  heading   towards  depression  due  to loneliness. Due to psychological misbalance, domestic violence has also increased all across the globe. It   won’t  be  wrong   to  claim  that   COVID-19       has       gargantually       destroyed  the   daily  life  pattern   of  humans but one thing has improved like never before i.e. environment. With  no   industries,  vehicles  and   machineries  operating,  very   less  amount  of   pollution  is  being devised. Ecosystems are greatly recovering, ozone layer is refilling itself, oceans are cleared out, we can   observe   clear    skies   even   in cities and with no demand of power in industries, fossil fuels aren’t being excavated much.Thus,     COVID-19     has      hugely     transformed  the   human  life.  I   am  sure  that   soon  enough,  humans   will  be  able   to  fight  against   this disease  firmly  and   everything  will be  back   to  normal  but   till  then  it’s   our  prime  responsibility  to   protect  ourselves from this deadly disease by    following    simple     preventive    measures   like    staying   in   home,    using     mask     and      sanitizers,     maintaining     6      foot     distance     between people and so on.

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