19 Nov 2021

We were students of grade nine, we were taken to a short trip to Godawari.  As usual, I went to my school and met my friends.  They were as excited as I was. Our class teacher   entered   the    class   and   started checking our bags because we were strictly warned not to bring chewing   gums, electric   gadgets   and junk food. But she didn’t find any of those goods in our bags.  She was very pleased with our sincerity and honesty. After several minutes, she led us to the school grounds and requested that we stand in a queue. We were instructed by our school in charge to follow the guide of our class teacher and to show good behavior at the botanical garden. After assembly, it was time for us to depart. We went to our respective buses and took our seats.  

We departed from our school at 10:20 am. After sometime, all the students started singing and dancing.  An hour   and    a   half   after    departing   from school we reached Godawari. We all got off the bus and started jumping due to excitement. But we were requested to wait outside the gate of the garden for some of the official procedure. After some time, we entered the garden. When I stepped inside, I was very much attracted towards its natural beauty. Different species of flowers and the fountain in the garden attracted me. 

The main motive of this trip was to provide information about bee-keeping. So, our teacher let us sit and she proceeded to provide us with information about bees and bee-keeping. She told us that there are three kinds of bees.  She also told the way the bees make honey, and how the bees work to survive and protect the queen bee.  She also helped us see the bees. They were flying here and there. I was afraid those bees may sting us but the guide informed us that only the working bees’ sting. 

After getting information about bees, we again went towards the garden and sit under the shade.  We took our tiffin boxes from our bags and had our lunch.  After the lunch, we played in fountains and water. We were enjoying a lot. After sometime, all the students gathered, and we lined up. Teacher counted the number of students and were led towards our respective buses. Our bus started moving and thus our enjoyment also started.  Even though we were tired, we sang   songs   and    danced.   After   sometime, we reached our school. School was going to be off. Finally, bell rang and we went home. The moments from this field trip will never be forgotten.

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