16 May 2018

The School was worse. Mandatory library classes, book reviews, friends who’d share their books in return for book reviews, library teacher who would sneak in extra book. They were all instrumental in turning me into a Bibliophile.

Now a mother of a feisty two year old, nothing gives me more joy than reading her pile of favorite book we have managed to collect over the years. She even repeats it after me. There is no greater joy than entering a book store, browsing the books for the longest time, purchasing them and the smell, ahhhh, amazing.

Books and Health

One of my daughter’s favorite Dr. Seuss in his book, The places you’ll go, said The more you read, the more things you’ll know. The more you that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” This has been scientifically backed .Reading book for your brain is the equivalent of exercise for our body. Reading books regularly increases our memory. According to research published in Neurology, frequent brain exercise was able to lower mental decline by 32%.

According to Wired, reading a book and turning pages as opposed to reading on a gadget provides sensory stimulus which provides brain with some context and can lead to better comprehension of the matter we are reading.

People who stimulate their brain through reading, solving puzzles or playing chess are said to have 2.5 times lower chances of getting Alzheimer’s.

A study by Sussex University showed that reading reduces stress as much as 68%. While this might provide temporary refuge and escape, it is a healthy means of de- stressing. So snuggle up with a good book, some hot or cold beverage and burn away your stress. For amnesiacs, setting a bed time ritual involving reading an actual book, not eBook, can be useful in relaxing and putting yourself to sleep.

Books and Empathy

Empathy, is an important trait in a human beings. To be able to feel for others is a crucial skill that helps build relationship and social skill. Research has found that people who read fiction are better in understanding people, their emotions and thoughts better than people to read non-fiction.

A bed time routine which involves parent reading out loud to the children not only helps them secure a sound relationship but increases vocabulary of the children. Its great for bonding and provides a lifelong interest in reading for the kids.

The power of Books

A social media trend that saw everyone naming their favorite book resulted in crowning Harry Potter as one of the most read book. A study carried out after that shows the young readers who grew up reading Harry potter are more tolerant towards the outcasts of the society, the marginalized communities. This is the power of the books, shaping your personality and helping you grow as a human being.

It helps us think, provide insight into how other peoples mind works. It tells about the world we live in, the Universe we exist in. It sharpens our critical thinking capacity required to make informed decisions in our day to day life.

So young ones pick more books, it cheap and portable which doesn’t require charging and parents read out loud to their child that give them the gift of reading, a hobby they will cherish for their life.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only once” GRR Martin, So pick a book and embark upon a truly enriching journey.

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