18 Nov 2021

Edward  Christopher   Sheeran,  popularly    known     as    ED    Sheeran   is  a  famous   pop  singer  born   on  17  February   1991  in   Halifax,    United   Kingdom.   He    is  a  English   singer,  song  writer,   guitarist,  record  producer   and  an  actor.   He  was  very   young  when  he   started  playing  guitar.   Sheeran  has  his   elder  brother  Mathew   who  is even a composer and his father John Sheeran and mother Imogen Sheeran   are  in  London.   Sheeran  was  sent   to  Thomas  Mills   High  School,    Framingham,    England.     When  Ed  was  on  his   high  school,  there   was  problem  with   him  that  he   used  to  stuck   while  speaking  and   he  couldn’t  speak   well.  So  everyone   used  to  tease   him,  he  was  bullied  every   day  at  school,   mainly for his stutter and oversized glass.  As   a  kid,  he  had  surgery   that went wrong and left him with a lazy eye in the local church and he melted everyone’ heart there.

His  speech   therapy  wasn’t  going   well  and  one   of  his  biggest   fears  was  that   he’ll  would  be   like  that  for   the  rest  of   his  life.  But   things  changed  when   one  day  his   dad  brought   him    Eminem’s   records.   Ed   Sheeran  was  amazed   by  now  fast    Eminem   was   rapping.   This    inspired  him  and   he  learned  every   word  by  the   time  he  was   10.  He  started   writing  his  own   songs  and  ED SHEERAN suddenly   his    shutter   was   gone.    He  started  performing   in  different venues.  Soon   he  had  12   shows  in  a   week.  That  continued   for  four  years,   and  no  long   after  he  was   already  recording  CDs   and  selling  them.   At  the  age   of  14  ED   took  his  guitar,   packed  some  clothes   and headed to London to officially start   his  music  career   and  where  it   can  take  him.   Being  on  the   road  was  not   easy,  he  had   to  sleep  on  the parks or in the subway. He had some   nights  when  he   didn’t  have  any money for food and was often on  the   verge  of  giving   up.  But  he   didn’t.  

In  London,   he  was  playing   in small venues, producing more of his songs and doing collaborations with singers he met along the way. He played in more than 300 shows in 2009.On 2011, Sheeran released his first song from his ‘+’ album called ‘The A  Team’.   His  song  went   famous  and  every   one  loved  it   so  he  was   called  in  different   venues,  radio stations  to   perform  his  song.   He  made his first ever album ‘+’ plus on 9th September, 2011 by Asylum records     and    Atlantic    Records.     There  are  6   famous  songs  on   this  album  they   are,  The  A  Team  (1stMay,   2011)  ‘  You   need  me,  I   don’t  need    You’(26th     August,    2011),    Lego house(13th November, 2011), Drunk(19th  February,   2012),  Small  Bump(25   May  2012)  and  Give  me   love(21  November,         2012)         his   songs  went  viral.   Soon  then  he   started  gaining    name     and    almost   everyone    on   London    knew     him.    And    on     June    20,    2014,     he    released    his   second  album  ‘X’,   this  album  contains many top songs like Sing, Photograph,  bloodstream,  Tenerife   Sea,  all  of   the  stars,  I   see  fire, Thinking out loud and many more. There  are  total   17  songs  on   this  album. And the most liked song of this  album  is  thinking  out   loud  as  it’s a romantic song and it is sang in such a way that everyone melts with pleasure. And he kept on recording songs  and   became  more  popular.   

On  3   March,  2017,  he   released  his ‘÷’ divide album and this album was the fastest selling album by the male  artist,   672,000  copies  of  ‘÷’  divide albums were sold on the first week  of   release.  And  to   promote  his  album,   Sheeran  embarked  a   worldwide concern tour, entitled the ÷ tour. It started on 16 March 2017 and set to end on 2019 and his tour is still going on. His first song ‘The A Team’ was nominated for the song of the year 2013 Grammy Awards, where he performed the song with Elton  John.  Ed   Sheeran  won  total   113 Awards and he was nominated for   319  times.  He   started  up  with   guitar    and    performing    on     the    streets, Subway and now he is the 17th  richest  musician   in  the  UK,   According   to   the    Sunday   time’s   Rich   list,  with  an   estimated  total  worth of ₤160 million. He became inspiration  to   many  people.  Now   his fans are growing rapidly. Before ED   had  nothing  but   now  he  have   everything.

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