19 Nov 2021

It resides in everyone. It is a shade of    our   lives- “Darkness”.   Does    Darkness scare you or are you scared to reveal your dark side to the world?  Your shadow is dark right? Why   are   we    ashamed   of   our    darkness   when   even    the   most   superior    one-   The   sun    has   to   face darkness during eclipse.  We assume that darkness hampers our existence, but remember the world of King Martin Luther Jr.  “Only in the darkness you see the stars”.  So, it is darkness which teaches the beauty of light.  It allows us to dream   and   cream, conceal   our   emotions and ignite our potential.  

The firefly dazzles only due to darkness, the moon glows on dark nights.  The moon would always look the sea if darkness wouldn’t surround it to look beautiful.  The darkness in one part of the earth causes the survival for the other. So, are you still afraid of the dark? I feel there are a whole lot of beauty brimming in the darkness, we just need to adjust our vision.  It can even dissolve our dark part- the shadow. So, just calmly admire the beauty of darkness and you might find your way to shine with your darkness.

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