13 Jun 2018

The endless assignments, the pressure of being accepted by people, failed relationships all promise to suck the daylights of our life. It burns us out from within and kills the happiness inside. It’s very important to maintain your sanity and save yourself from the burnout. So stop for a second, stop the self-pity, self-destruction and self-hate and detach yourself from the source of our pain and just Breathe.

“Inhale, Exhale. Deep breaths and clear your mind.” And read the benefits of breathing.

Get rid of the toxins: It’s important you get rid of the toxic people in your life who bring you down and also the toxins that have built up in your body. Our body gets rid of 70% of the toxins through breathing. As you exhale, you release carbon dioxide that is the natural metabolic waste from your body that needs release. Accumulation of carbon dioxide is toxic to the system and can cause sickness.

Now get rid of the tension: Get oxygen in your body that your body needs as you’re angry or stressed. Inhale.

Burst that anxiety and lower your emotional problem: Oxygenation of the brain helps lower the levels of anxiety that’s been crippling you for clarity. It will help you clear the uneasy feeling and shake it off.

Get rid of pain: Studies show breathing helps you ease into pain.

Massage your internal organs: As you inhale deeply your diaphragm, it seems to massage stomach, small intestine, liver and pancreas and even your heart. This increases blood circulation.

Strengthen your immune system: Deep breath, more oxygen to bind with your hemoglobin enriches body to metabolize nutrients and vitamins.

Improve your nervous system, heart and Lungs: Oxygen, oxygen and more oxygen. This improves the health and longevity of our organs. Deep breath leads to efficient lungs which brings more oxygen to heart which lessens its work. Deep breathing leads to greater pressure in the lungs, increasing circulation providing rest to the heart.

Boost your energy level, stamina and cellular regeneration

Elevate your mood: Breathing increase pleasure- inducing neurochemicals to elevate mood and combat physical pain.

How do you breathe to heal?

Yogis and researches have shown abdominal breathing is the key to optimal breathing. According to facts, the voluntary act of holding air cleanses the system of impurities. Breathing exercises should be slow, deep, rhythmic and through nose and not mouth. The most important thing to keep in mind is regulating breaths three to four second in and three to four seconds out.

  1. Inhale through nose, expand your belly, and fill your chest.
  2. Hold and count to 3.
  3. Exhale fully from slightly parted mouth.
  4. It’s that simple

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by the things in your life going wrong, take your time off and just breathe.

Schedule a time for the deep breathing exercises and help destress your life, your wellbeing is the most important thing. GO follow the artidote on Instagram and be the part of the artidote movement to help DE stigmatize mental health. I leave you with the following parting thoughts:

“You’re still breathing, still growing. It’s not too late for new beginnings”

So keep breathing.

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