Global College of Management (GCM), under the ownership of Pro-Ed. Ltd., is an English medium co-educational institution. The promoting team of GCM consists of academicians, researchers, entrepreneurs and professionals renowned for their eminent profrssional profile both at home and abroad. The college has been running +2 (Management), Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) and Master of Business Studies (MBS) programs and has marked a grand launching of +2 science program in the year 2019. Both +2 programs are affiliated to National Examination Board (NEB), and BBS and MBS programs are affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU).

Operated in the world class campus buildings spread over 16 Ropani of land area, Global College of Management is located at the prime location of metropolis, Baneshwor-31 Kathmandu.  GCM delivers +2 Management program combined of a series of skill developing curricula in physically and technologically rich environment. Surrounded by the spacious compound, the premises at GCM are fine built having state-of-the-art infrastructure. The internal settings with interiors are built to offer a plentiful access to advance physical, technological and academic facilities needed to support everyday curricula as well as extra-curricular events alongside. The distinctive facilities at GCM are take a from with modern technologies and e-learning systems set with other amenities that play vital role in developing teaching-learning practices to extend beyond the physically structured classroom walls. Provided with the benchmark learning resources and brilliant academic etiquettes, it is anticipated that management education designs as a tool to constructing the learning generations of today the able workforce of tomorrow. Founded in construction scheme, GCM makes public its academic front as being adequate to creating intrinsic motivation in students who will thus be ready to practice education even beyond the given curriculum upon unleashing their hidden talents. As result, it is hence expected that GCM students shall grow with 21st century skills that are sought for securing successful career in future.  

GCM delivers regular classes together with its daily curricula under +2 Management program in morning and day shifts consecutively. The primary objective of making the classes operational in two shifts is to address students demands seeking admission at GCM that come in increasing number every year. The classroom practices at GCM run in both shifts combine a plethora of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities that include a number of out-reach programs, subject-based projects, educational visits and excursions, business surveys, social service programs, sports activities, and more organized in parallel with class teaching as comprised of lectures,  multimedia supported presentations, group tasks, peer teaching and many more as designed by the subject teachers. The academic activities operated at GCM are aimed to prepare students who shall not only pass out the final examinations in the courses and levels enrolled but also yet another important aim is to prepare them to easily get through entrance exams for admission to higher levels of management studies as set by the Universities in general. On top of these, with its academic program designed in the interactive combination of a plethora of skill fostering curricula, GCM intends to augment students’ intellectual and likewise working skills that promote their eligibility and also be useful in getting selected for a job or alongside, have a career of successful entrepreneur in future. 

GCM recruits proficient team of faculty, who are not only knowledgeable in the foundations of management as a discipline but also as profoundly trained in student centric models, the faculty members dedicate teaching that contributes to shaping students who come out all developed as the self-motivated practitioners in study and work. This embraced as student-first philosophy is found to be significant in shaping the students whom GCM intends to develop as autonomous learners. Geared with this plan, the College sees its scholars prepared as creative learners who are ever ready for hard work that is instrumental to shaping them able workforce adequately skilled to copying with any kind of demands that emerge in the field of business practices. Within this scheme, the management program at GCM is administered under the leadership of subject experts who are deputed to run the program in making a difference.  Expert team of the academic administrators at GCM also make an optimized effort to facilitate individual students aspiring to acquire the best quality education as essential to prepare them academically sound and skilled citizens for better future. In addition, the academic practices formed within methodically dynamic framework allow GCM to commit and thereon serve in reality intellectually cutting-edge education abundantly imparted in the conducive learning environment. Educated within the given module, GCM scholars are well assured to achieve academic excellence who shall in future go in the job market to a make a substantial contribution in developing business, industry, governance and so on. 

In pursuit to impart quality education, GCM operates the programs in academically amiable environment that constitutes at the synergy of able human resources, modernized physical, educational, technological components associated as inputs, processes and outputs that contribute to building a distinct academic front.  The College creates environment where consistently updated curriculum, modern educational assets, smart technologies, expert human resources, and competent students together with their educated guardians are collaborated in building education in the process of sharing. Bringing the best faculty, best students combined with best resources and systems on purpose to frame education within the progressive model, GCM succeeds to lend space for its students to be in luxury to construct knowledge by being actively involved in an interactive teaching-learning process.

As an esteemed benchmark, GCM is ranked the first-choice institution for management studies today. For this esteemed reputation, not only the superb looking infrastructures designed for the academic programs to run in sophistication of facilities are accountable but also the dynamic system designed to deliver education within the student-first principle is what GCM is particularly known for. Along with the sophisticated facilities that shape in the integration of multimedia systems, techno service centers, online and smart technology systems as some key features, GCM proves its quality benchmarks in academic system that is featured to be distinct due to the dynamism created at different levels that contribute to constructing learning.  Besides, distinct academic identity of GCM builds at the power of its subject-based laboratories and libraries that remain filled with a huge stock of experimenting instrument and learning resources, books, journals, magazines, newspapers and their e-versions and online editions respectively.      

Modelled of sound and sophisticated academic environment, GCM thus guarantees immensely promising educational outcomes. Students graduating from Global College securing outstanding exam results as well as the standard job profiles held in their career life when graduating the universities as retained by GCM alumni are some examples that inform outstanding educational achievements proven by GCM. Today the GCM alumni have been in the global market managing the corporate sectors in capacity of managers albeit equally large number of Alumni members are leading competitive business fronts in their capacity as entrepreneurs or leaders. 


Due to globalization, each progressive and future oriented individual tends to encounter unprecedented challenges when faced with career cross-roads. Owing to the uncertainties, a highly competitive and quality-oriented learning organization equipped with learner friendly but effective modern technology in the field of management studies is indeed a vital demand of the time. The goals as such may come true only if our educational institutions can rightly assure of quality in education.  

Global College at second half of the decade of its establishment has been successful to be recognized as a quality center for management studies. Its popularity as a quality benchmark is not only limited within national boundary but also the College has earned an encouraging popularity among the international stakeholders given its expanded academic relations spread enormously at this date.   The College has successfully passed its academic journey under Professional Educators Limited, the corporate organization represented by the academicians of high regard who dedicated all their professional efforts to developing the College that serves management education exclusively.  A benchmarking image that Global College has set in the masses of talented and progressive scholars from all parts of the country is indeed a matter of honor for all individuals involved in the field of management education. Moreover, I am equally pleased that students enrolled at GCM at different level that include +2 through BBS to MBS come to interact with me during my academic stay at the college. Indeed, the experience as such gives me tremendous feeling of being an educator. I encourage all the interested scholars to enjoy excellent learning results obtained as the active members of Global family.


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