I am pleased to congratulate you for your success in Secondary Education Examination and welcome you to Global College of Management (GCM), the first choice institution for quality education in management delivered in academically superb environment set in the excellent infrastructure and its outstanding results constantly achieved by competent students in the board exams every year.  


Choosing where to pursue higher secondary education after SEE is a major decision and often a perplexing one to all the aspirant students seeking to study at the best institutions created to provide quality education. I believe your search for an innovative college where you can have a pleasant study stay in an invigorating atmosphere of learning with optimal academic achievement will get materialized at GCM if you want to build your career in the field of management. 

We have a long academic legacy with outstanding academic achievements at GCM where we set high expectations for each of our students to achieve their full potential, to bring the best out of them and likewise to prepare them for the challenges ahead in their career and life. We are taken along with this understanding that there is no short cut formula to success at any level; individual, group or institution.  Hence, we always stay focused on diligence, dedication and discipline while imparting quality education at GCM. Inherently, it has been our privilege to see on regular basis that our students have been achieving phenomenal academic achievements persistently; adding to the glory of the College also securing high rank in the board exams, getting enrolled in prestigious university programs that might include CA, BBA, BHM and MBA at home and abroad. Moving further, it turns out to be a matter of immense delight that GCM alumni handle prestigious positions in their professional life or even running their own successful business ventures when graduating the University or tertiary level of education.  

Our educational system at GCM is shaped within the comprehensive design holding firm with innovative approaches. Upon our approach to education within the dynamic framework, we anticipate serving our students with real-life focused skill-based education that too enlightens them with key pillars and advance knowledge foundations of management going far beyond the bookish knowledge. Our everyday practices designed in integration of a stock of core and extra curricula are tremendously interactive to empower GCM students with valuable life skills intensely sought to grow as confident, successful and responsible individuals who would be entitled to lead organization and society at large. We strive for the all-round development of our students assured by providing a wide range practices and exposures to meticulously planned academic, conceptual and contextual knowledge generated by means of self-engaged practices shaped in the programs based on integrated design. 

I feel proud to convey at this point that the College is performing fabulously in all the aspects to ensure academic excellence. The clear vision of the management in parallel with the systematic and perfect implementation of the given curriculum ensured from the level of administration together with an unlimited support and dedication of the teaching and non-teaching staff, cooperation of parents and the hard work of the students have helped GCM to be recognized as a top branded academic centre of excellence for management studies.

 Our journey towards excellence continues, and I invite all of you to join GCM for your bright future. With best wishes!


Mr. Amba Datt Joshi


Detailed information, brochures and forms can be mailed to you upon request.

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