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Global College of Management, An Excellent Center for Management Studies


Welcome to Global College of Management! 

We are glad that you have considered joining us as you embark on a challenging but rewarding journey to scale up your academic profile towards achieving a successful career. Guided by a "Student First" philosophy, it gives us immense pleasure to witness that Global College of Management has become the first-choice institution for management studies among the aspirant youth of Nepal.

If you aspire to be a successful person, it is not just about getting a degree, but also about grooming yourself to become an avid learner, a critical thinker, and a competent individual with adequate soft and professional skills. Intellectual skills and abilities take shape in learning when conceptualized in the changing perspectives of today and tomorrow. Guided by a progressive model of educational thought, Global College of Management envisions learning through self-involved engagements in solving conceptual, informational, practical, and real-life problems. GCM is at the forefront of this educational model with a dynamic academic system that prioritizes student initiatives and participation.

We understand you have joined GCM with the aspiration to study a variety of subjects in the Management stream, where an able team of managers and faculty is dedicated to building a nexus of theories and practices instrumental in helping you enhance your 21st-century skills. In addition to a superb academic legacy of distinction, GCM operates its programs and curricula, along with extra and co-curricular activities, in a state-of-the-art environment. Our top-notch, in-campus facilities and modern educational resources contribute significantly to making education an ongoing process of transforming knowledge into skills.

The internal learning environment at GCM, enriched with modern physical, technological, and educational resources, is designed to develop learning as an automated yet efficient system for constructive career goals. This is driven by our dedicated full-time educators committed to helping young minds make a difference. GCM features a world-class academic campus equipped with modern, high-tech facilities and systems. We have invested significantly in managing educational and technological resources to support active learning.

With an enriching environment, we have reinforced a dynamic academic process that enables faculty and students to construct learning through experiential and collaborative endeavors, connecting with external agencies to transform capacities into capabilities. Our graduates are prepared to solve personal and professional life problems independently. The internal academic system of GCM integrates multiple structural, technological, and educational subsystems and services, offering students an active avenue for unlimited explorative initiatives.

The system interfaces various contexts, concepts, content, skills, and techniques derived from the mainstream curriculum of Management studies while incorporating professional inputs from the corporate world and ongoing mentoring. Using these interactive systems, we at GCM prepare our students to grasp strong academic and innovative concepts, knowledge, and skills necessary for achieving academic excellence.

Finally, we invite each aspirant candidate to join GCM and enjoy the best learning experience in management education. Our quality framework ensures that you graduate well-prepared, achieving strong academic milestones that will help you pursue further studies in renowned universities in Nepal and abroad. We also prepare you for prestigious employment opportunities in esteemed organizations where you can lead with a prestigious designation. Aspirant students are heartily welcome to join GCM, your quality center of academic excellence and first-choice institution for management studies!


Detailed information, brochures and forms can be mailed to you upon request.

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