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GCM has considerably standard library facilities installed to catering the learning needs of the practitioners and learner communities associated to the College. The library at GCM is a continually up-dated resource center and its stalks several volumes of magazines, journals, encyclopedias, reference as well as textbooks relating different subjects as relevant to management as well other several disciplines. In addition, the GCM library contains a variety of audiovisuals, digital and online versions of reference books, scientific research journals, and other learning materials arranged in large scale so as to make it possible for the College faculty and students to engage in self-study. The GCM library is adequately spacious where a single class can sit and at a time engage in review of the secondary data-based references or the research papersand books when doing their projects as assigned by the respective subject facultyThe library at GCM is operated full time attended by the librarians deputed to keep the services active over 12 hours on all working days in a week.

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