The college cafeteria serves healthy meals and snacks to students and staff at reasonable prices. The students at their break times are served with hygienic meals and snacks menu-wise on weekdays.

GCM is run within the philosophy of complete and comprehensive education that is achievable only when people are guaranteed hygienic food and healthy environment. This is that mental health largely depends on physical health. So, it becomes equally important for an institution to assure the students with sanitized environment and that too includes managing cafeteria which is standard at par. GCM has its in-house built cafeteria that offers healthy meals and snacks to the students and the College staff at very reasonable cost. The cafeteria is managed full time from morning to late evening and it serves the students fresh meals and snacks during their study break. The food served to students and faculty is prepared following the menu decided for all working days. A special care is taken while serving the students, faculty and staff with food which by default is best in quality and is prepared within the standard guidelines of nutrition applicable in general. In addition to continental dishes served for meals and snacks, the GCM cafeteria also supplies different cuisines that can be ordered on ala carte scheme by the individuals during the working hours.


Detailed information, brochures and forms can be mailed to you upon request.

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