3 Apr 2022

Picnics definitely help foster better mental health. Being out in the sun enhances the production of Vitamin D in the body which is extremely important to ward off depression, fatigue and irritability. There is something about playing in the sun that actually brings out our inner happiness. Students feel less restrained & more carefree.
 Most of the students, in their day to day lives do not get the time to enjoy the simple joys that life has to offer like breathing in fresh air, enjoying the feeling of the sun on your face, watching the sun rise or set, hearing the birds chirp early in the morning, playing with our pet dog in the park etc. Picnics, to a great extent, gives them a chance to enjoy these activities and as a result, help them release some of the pent-up stress. They work to boost their mood. A weekend picnic can set the tone for the week to follow. A weekend well spent for sure propels us to approach Monday morning with a sunnier attitude.

Time out in the sun or enjoying any physical activity while on a picnic is also good for the students overall physical health. It helps to give their muscles a workout. It also increases the absorption of calcium into the bones which are good for bone health, particularly for the growing boys and girls. Breathing in the fresh air also equally beneficial for all involved. In fact, making a ritual of playing picnic games like tug-of-war, tag, hide & seek, catch the ball, Frisbee toss etc. help Students stay active and energetic.

Keeping these things in mind the Global College of Management organized a picnic for grade 12 students who are also in their last months of the college life. It helped them rekindle the child inside them and enjoy the moment being carefree. It also served them as a memoire of the college days which will always be in the sweet spot of their hearts even after they graduate from the college.

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