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Shailendra Adhikaree, M. Phil


Mr Adhikaree is an educational enthusiast working in this field with his pursuit of serving the nation with his career as a teacher of Nepali Language and Literature, writer and researcher. Ever since he graduated from TU, he has already been working for more than ten years in different educational institutions of the Kathmandu valley.


He was born in a village of Dhading district and has currently been living in Kathmandu Valley since 2000AD. With the dream of obtaining higher education in the capital, he enrolled and completed his Bachelor’s Degree from Mahendra-Ratna Campus, Kathmandu in 2008. In 2012, he graduated in Nepali Language and Literature from the same campus with first division. He has also completed Master of Philosophy in Nepali in 2015.

 As a professional teacher, he started his career as a Plus-Two Level Nepali teacher in 2012. He worked for GoldenGate International College, and Himalaya WhiteHouse International College and currently he is working as a faculty of Nepali Language and Literature in both, Global College of Management and Koteshwor Multiple Campus.  

He is keen on reading and writing. When he gets free time with his friends, travelling to new places always comes as his first preference. 

He is much fascinated and motivated by his father and mother’s life journey and struggle for which he complements as his life objectives. He has a wife and two children.


2017    (Enrolled) Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Nepali Language and Literature: - (Working with dissertation)

            From: Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu

Major Area: Subaltern Studies, Minority studies, Indigenous Studies, Race and Racism 

2015    Master’s of Philosophy in Nepali Literature:-

            From: Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu

Major Courses: Sodhabidhi, Sankathan Bishleshan ra Sahitya, Sahityako Samajshastra, Paurastya Darshan ra Sahitya, Samakhayan Shastra, Dhwani Siddhantha ra Sahitya, Samajik Adhayan ra Sahitya

Dissertation: Amar Neupaneka Akhayanma Subaltern.

Cumulative GPA= 3.76 (A-

2012    Master’s Degree in Education:-

            From: Mahendra Ratna Campus, Tahachal, Kathmandu

Major Courses: Foundation of Education, Educational Philosophy, Curriculumn Planning and Practice, Samanya Bhasha Bigyan, Nepali Gadya ra Natak, Nepali Kabita Kavya Ra Samalochana, Prayogik Bhasha Bigyan, Anusandhan Bidhi

Dissertation: Bhabisya Nirman Kathama Sankathan Bishleshan.

Average Percentage= 60% [First Division]


2021 July to till this date: Faculty Member at Global College of Management, Mid Baneshwor, Kathmandu,            Nepal

2012 August to till this date: Head of the Department and Faculty at Himalayan WhiteHouse   International            College, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal

2017 June–till this date: Works as the Faculty of Nepali (Undergraduate Level) at Koteshwor Multiple            campus, Kathmandu, Nepal 

2015 August-2020 December: Worked as Faculty of Nepali (Plus two level) at GoldenGate International            College,           Battishputali, Kathmandu


Main genres of writing: Novel, Story, Poem, Ghazal, Criticism and Child Literature

  1. Solo Works: 
  1. Din Royepachhi (Ghazals collection) - 2064 BS
  2. Hiun Mathiko Jun (Ghazals collection)  - 2066 BS
  3. Ular Upanyas ko Shayli Baigyanik Aadhan (Criticisms) - 2071 BS
  4. Nirved (Novel) – 2076 BS
  5. Gajal Ras (Criticisms) – 2077 BS
  1. Conducted National Ghazal Conference, 2070 B.S. as a Member of organizing committee
  2. Conducted International Ghazal Conference, 2072 B.S. as a Member of organizing committee
  3. Various articles, critics and travelogues published in different journals, magazines and daily newspapers


  • Academic Skills: Excellent teaching knowledge of  Nepali as well as strong knowledge of research methods.
  • Leadership Skills: Excellent leadership skills to manage the given responsibility which have been developed throughout the shouldered responsibilities as mentioned under leadership heading.
  • Communication Skills: Communicate clearly and professionally with colleagues and the students both in Nepali language, also able to follow instructions accurately.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Excellent interpersonal skills with a proven ability to form lasting and productive relationships with colleagues and others.
  • Time Management: Able to prioritize and manage time effectively, ensuring that tasks are completed within strict deadlines without compromising on quality.
  • Computer Skills: Competent user of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point with a working knowledge.
  • Additional attributes: Strong work ethics and positive learning attitude.

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