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Amba Datt Joshi


Teaching is a rewarding experience.  I teach so I can learn about the world and all of those infinite possibilities that brand new minds bring to me each and every day. 


This year we will be using Mathematics as a tool to understand and interpret our world. In our increasingly technological economy, we will strive to understand and apply mathematics to our lives and our future.  In this course, we will have significant opportunities to achieve success in our pursuit of being 21st century learners.  

The key to opening the door to these opportunities is a deep understanding of important mathematical skills and utilization of sound mathematical habits of mind.  Be prepared for a fun-filled year with math.



  • an M.Sc. graduate in Mathematics




  • an experienced faculty of Mathematics for more than 17 years.


  • Co -  author of mathematics text book for class XI, XII and BBA Levels



Enthusiasm 80%

Teaching Planning 85%

Respectful 95%

Communication 96%

Interpersonal Skills 93%

Writing 90%

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