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Khem Raj Acharya


Khem Raj Acharya 


Mr. Acharya is good at lighting others being lit. His goal is to acquire new ideas, information and facts limit on his horizon to sparkle the modern generation about society and nation for the nation building. He has already connected on the academic path of thousands of students. Mr. Acharya has received academic degrees in social science, education and law from TU according to his path and interest.  



Permanent resident of Buddhabhumi Municipality, Kapilvastu , Mr. Khem Raj Acharya  took his first breath  in  Pyuthan, one of the pious and radical district, situated in the western part of Nepal one year earlier before the last breath  of his mother. Growing on the lap of his grandmother, he has completed his School education walking 5 hours every day from the naturally alluring patchy village where he was born. His journey and struggle for his higher education from his small village to Capital city of the country is gauzy. 


He made Ratna Rajya  Laxmi Campus as the main center of his education where he obtained  intermediate to the postgraduate degree (MA) in English by 2012. Teaching in school and pursuing the higher education at a time enhance extra opportunity and challenge in his career since 2063 BS. Additionally, he graduated in Education to make his teaching career more effective and professional. Since his teaching career, he started to teach Social Studies in addition to other subjects. Being the social teacher and political creatures, political knowledge is essential so he got  post graduate degree in Political Science from TU. It is said, “Ignorantia juris non excusat( Latin for “ ignorance of law excuse not”) so, to have small wisdom in legal field, he achieved the LLB (Bachelor of Law) from TU and obtained the license of advocator. 


He has long journey in the field of teaching from school level to the college continuously from his college life. He worked for Active college, Sagarmatha college, Araniko college,  Bouddha  International  school  (Bouddha Meridian School) and other several institutions. Currently he is working as a faculty of Social Studies and Life Skill Education in both, Triton International college (DV education network) and Global college of Management.  


Recently he is living in Kirtipur, Kathmandu with his wife and a son. He likes to live simple life with the true bond of friendship. He is interested to listen literary programme and political affairs. Reading books, being updated in the social medias and timely journey are the additional parts of his life.


Innocence, struggle, trust, modesty and honesty is in his blood so he always expects the same from others.



Post  graduate 

MA English (TU) 

MA Political Science  (TU) 


Bachelor  Degree 

BA English and Economics  (TU) 

B. Ed. English (TU) 




Teaching in formal and informal institutions  



Legal advocacy and advisory  




Compulsory English, Exam Refresher for Grade XI and XII ( joint work) 

Short educational and political articles on monthly magazines

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