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Narayan Prasad Chudal, PhD


Still, every time a new kid enters the College I work at, I always remember the feeling I had when I was 16 and – totally overwhelmed but deep down knowing that I can do it, only without a clue how – and the hope that the teachers will be there to help me navigate.


Maybe that’s why I am super passionate about teaching English learners. I’ve had the experience of being on both sides of the table (classroom, if you will) – as an EFL/ESL student and now an ESL teacher. I have tremendous empathy for and connection with my students, likely because I know exactly what they are going through. 

At the same time, my focus is to how to help English learners, especially those who speak, read, and write very little in English.


  • Ph. D. in English
  • an MA in English Lterature & M. Ed in English Linguistics




  • an experienced faculty for more than 22 years in English



  • Text book author for grade 11 and 12



Enthusiasm 80%

Teaching Planning 85%

Respectful 95%

Communication 96%

Interpersonal Skills 93%

Writing 90%

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