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Greetings everyone, this is to inform everyone that GCM Social Club of Global College of Management is organizing ‘Donation Campaign’ (which includes donation at old age home). For this purpose, we are collecting fund from GCM as a whole. 

So, the students are requested to contribute at least Rs.10 for the campaign. Since we all are conscious that ‘The sole meaning of life is to sense humanity’. 




•Food Items 

•Winter Essentials 


Procedure for collection: 

1.0ne class representative is selected to collect the fund from class. 

2.Once the amount is collected from all, we the members of club will collect money from the representative of class. 

3.The money will be utilized to meet requirements of old age home. 

4.The amount and the requirements will be handed to respective organizations on 1st Jan, 2022 A.D. 

We look forward to get contribution from you all, as your small contribution will bring smile in face of many others. 

Thank you GCM Social Club


Saturday, January 1, 2022



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