Let me take this opportunity to congratulate and thank our students, parents, faculties, administrative members and stakeholders for being with Global College of Management (GCM) to have earned the level of name and fame in a bit more about a decade aproxiamtely. Indeed, this is something that we, the members of GCM should celebrate.

It would be more of legitimacy and realistic to convey that GCM has been the first-choice institution for management studies among the potential learner circles in pursuit to stretch their career with management education. In my capacity as the chairman of GCM have it in personalized experience that the College stands close to the heart of aspirant circles of youth seeking quality center to study management and that is basically due to a high level of salability our graduates have gained in the labour market today. In our fundamental academic efforts directed for standing on top layer of the competitive environment in management education, I don’t feel hesitated to announce that Global College has left no stone unturned designing the finest atmosphere in which academic system holds sway with quality educational outcomes. In the environment equipped with essential educational and technological requisite, GCM ensures teaching practiced within the interactive scheme of learning. Under its participatory educational philosophy, GCM involves students and practitioners in the mainstream educational process designed for knowledge construction let alone the tremendous success that it has achieved in creating physical facilities with adoption of the most updated technologies as some key features. 

Nevertheless, we heavily borrowed heavily from the banks and financial institutions, yet let me make it clear that every amount small or larger borrowed, is used in the creation of assets as would be essential for the students to be exposed to quality learning environment for which GCM is recognized today. Let me also make it loud and clear that, despite huge debt servicing obligations, GCM has been far strongly developed to determine its own sustainability.

We have every reason to be proud of our achievements yet without leaving any room for complacence since we still have to go a long way. The time is for us to climb the big ladder of name and fame in an accelerated manner so that the reputation of GCM as national benchmark imparting top-quality education in the field of Economics and management is still driven higher.

I express my acknowledgement to all the aspirant students, guardians and stakeholders for reposing your high confidence on us.


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