You are welcome to Global College of Management (GCM), the first-choice institution for management studies that is highly privileged with intakes of brilliant students coming from all over Nepal seeking admission to our management programs delivered from +2 through bachelors to master’s degree. I confirm it that you shall celebrate your academic journey when you graduate from GCM as a transformed, competent, conscientious and skillful individual.

Recognized as a distinct benchmark for management studies, we at GCM strive to prepare and send future managers of distinct profile. To this end we expose our scholars to a plethora of mainstream and extra educational programs and activities practiced within the innovative educational approaches. The innovative educational scheme at GCM incorporates persistently organized robust intellectual engagements that build with subject-based knowledge focused instructions combined with skill enhancing curricula leading to academic excellence achieved in student learning and their exam results. We provide our scholarly generations a stimulating and conducive learning environment within and outside classroom where the inquisitive individuals can think beyond visible limits, challenge assumptions, and add the value of excellence to whatever they do.  The GCM students not only get the benefit of subject knowledge delivered from the level of expert faculty but also, we create special opportunities for our students to get mentored by the Global Alumni who have, over the years, brought laurels to their alma mater. 

At GCM, students are facilitated to take up learning in their top priority so that they can enrich themselves with sound knowledge, valuable skills and thus can be prepared to succeed in extremely competitive modern world. Aristotle once said, “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet”. Quality education comes at the cost of dedication, commitment, and hard work. Learning is a rewarding experience at GCM where the well-qualified and caring faculties, supportive non-teaching staff, and proactive management team are working very hard and thus inching towards that goal when the ‘fruit is really sweet’ for the students. Our state-of-the-art building, library filled with learning resources, books, journals, magazines, encyclopedias, and more… in plentiful number, peaceful study zones, computer lab with high speed internet service, psychological counseling, and   numerous extra-curricular and co-curricular activities facilitate the young minds to bring the best out of them. 

Upon joining GCM, students can look forward to being involved in an intensive academic program that is designed in an interactive framework as is essential to push the learners to optimize their full potential. I am confident that all of you have a capability to meet our expectations and the demands of your classes and teachers when it will become true that you shall begin to feel the pleasure of being academically well-built student at GCM. Our child centered teaching approach at GCM is sure to instill in you advance skills and develop you sound as a critical thinker, active problem-solver, and competent professional. We at GCM strive to expose you to education that is sufficiently driven on a comprehensive design to fully prepare you for the demands of the real-world, and help you become valuable citizen who can responsibly contribute to your society and nation at large.  

I feel excited to work with yet another batch of fresh, talented and career-oriented youth from all over the nation. Join Global College of Management to experience the culture of learning and to broaden your social and intellectual horizon. 

Program Director

Mr. Shankar Pyakurel


Detailed information, brochures and forms can be mailed to you upon request.

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