The company is governed with a revered academic vision and that is to impart cutting- edge education defined in quality and applicability in real life situation is a fundamental need of new generations for standard living and economic development of the nation in the competitive fronts resulting due to modernization.

In its academic endeavor, Pro-Ed Ltd. has been successful to involve a multitude of professionals who dedicate their unique intellectual and managerial inputs and thereby contribute to gearing the mission of the company. The core mission of Professional Educators Limited is to operate the excellent educational benchmarks that impart pragmatic but quality education. In addressing the same, Pro-Ed has created very distinguished institutions under its corporate ownership managing primary to higher level academic programs framed to deliver management and also science education at par the global standards integrating local social values as desirable for the young generations to prosper in the academic as well as professional fronts. The corporate level objective of Pro-Ed Ltd. is to manage schools, colleges and research institutions which offer the aspirant communities of leaners quality education having a pragmatic value in a disciplined environment keeping the cost under affordable ceiling. Under the direct supervision of the most renowned professors and educators, Pro-Ed Ltd. is all set to produce talented, hard-working and visionary individuals who are equipped with academic and professional skills when graduated as required for them to cope with the future challenges without severity in any respect.

Professional Educators Ltd. is registered as a corporate public limited and is legally bound to all the obligations as ordained in the Company Act -2006 of Nepal.  In the spirit as being a corporate company, Pro-Ed Ltd is governed by the Board of Directors, the members of which are selected by means of annual general meeting (AGM) of shareholders held every year. Entitled with final authority, the AGM of Pro-Ed takes place annually when plans and policies are discussed and approved whereby new projects as supportive pillars of all the institutions under the company are formulated.  The promoter shareholders of the company reserve an authority to elect the governing Board of Directors for a tenure of four years in democratic system. 

Since its inception, Global College of Management under Pro-Ed Ltd. has shown consistent performance in academics and extra-curricular spheres. Pro-Ed Ltd., an umbrella company of GCM, strives constantly to develop this institution into a “CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE” imparting management education to young men and women, grooming their overall personality with the highest emphasis on ethical values and enabling them to face the challenges of the industry and the nation at large. Pro-Ed Ltd., the mother institution of Global College of Management, aims to expand its academic horizon by promoting research institutions in the days to come to explore emerging areas in management with a view to constantly revamp its academic programs.

Education is a dynamic process of humanization to promote analytical ability, independent thinking, and to understand the world and society clearly that must be appropriate to making the youth confident for self-employment. The basic purpose of education is to make people competent and arouse their dormant skill so that they can be active partners in the task of national development. Global College of Management owned by Pro-Ed Ltd., is developed to impart practice-oriented education-having relevance to market force along with holistic development of its students so that they can be suitably employed or can be a good entrepreneur. I welcome you to Global College of Management to pursue your studies in a subject close to your heart from among a wide spectrum of the subjects offered, so that you can be a productive citizen of the society with sound moral values. Wishing you a success in furthering your career.


Detailed information, brochures and forms can be mailed to you upon request.

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